What is aramid fiber? Why do PITAKA use this for it’s for phone cases?

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Aramid is short for “aromatic polyamide”.  It is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibers with high performance characteristics.  They were originally developed for and used in the aerospace industry and many military applications.  The molecules of these fibers are characterized by their relatively rigid polymer chains.  These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight.  For more information on aramid fiber, please have a look at this blog:

The story started in 2014 when the iPhone 6 was released.  Our founder Mr. Pittman decided to buy a case for his new iPhone 6, which had a protruding camera lens. After searching for many days, he realized that he could not find any phone case on the market that satisfied his requirements.  Most of the cases were made from plastic or silicon, and they were ugly, tacky and look very cheap, not to mention that they became dirty very quickly.  Some of them were even made of metal, but those were too heavy and they blocked the signal.  The leather cases, whilst initially attractive, suffered from color fading and marking and the wood cases were always too thick and rather fragile.  

After meeting with Mr. Yutaka, a designer, and co-founder of PITAKA, they decided to build a case with the primary objective of creating unique phone case that is true to the iPhone's clean design aesthetics whilst adding the much needed protection.

As they wanted the case to be slim, light and strong, durable, they researched many materials until they finally found the Aramid fiber, which is considered a super hero amongst materials for its extraordinary weight-to-strength ratio.  After numerous tests, the aramid fiber proved to be the perfect material for the case.  The combination of this remarkable material with our advanced forming techniques creates the ultimate case that ensures the iPhone’s thinness and beauty is unaffected whilst adding protection, refined styling and an unforgettable 3D Grip.

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