What is carbon fiber? Why do PITAKA use this for it’s MagEZWallet?

Modified on: Fri, 10 Apr, 2020 at 11:27 AM

The carbon fiber is a special composite material.  It’s a super strong material and is extremely lightweight.  Engineers and designers become very enthusiastic about it.  It allows the wallet to be not only extremely light and slim, but also ridiculously strong and durable. Effectively, It will last forever.

Lightweight is an important feature of carbon fiber, which explains why it is being increasingly used in the automobile and aircraft industries. Its ultra lightness makes it a perfect material for your Every Day Carry (EDC).

Carbon fiber in a plain weave or twill weave pattern demonstrates very minimalistic aesthetics on its own.  At PITAKA, we take these characteristics and apply them to our products and what you get is something truly special and unique.

Mr Yutaka (Designer of PITAKA) has always believed that every EDC is not only for carrying but also an extension of you.  So we are always pursuing beautiful-looking, durable products and well, we are making them.

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