Of course, in general, a thicker case means more protection under all the same conditions. However, the drops really depend. Just like any drop tests for all the phone cases, no matter how protective it is, there're many factors to consider, like:
1. The height when the case falls
2. The angle of the case when it falls
3. The ground. The case will protect your phone from scratching if used under the normal circumstances, but it’s hard to guarantee if the ground is stone or other extremely hard roads.
4. Other situations you may encounter.
We have tested our phone cases before ex-factory, and it concludes it is enough for most people in daily use. What’s more, exclude the MagCase for Samsung, we'll also send a free screen protector to you as an additional gift, so your phone will be well protected. So if you just want a slim case for basic protection, the MagCase is simply perfect for you. But if you are those like who do a lot of outdoor activities, we suggest you go with some thick cases.