There are two main differences.

  1. The MagMount V2 has stronger magnets (N52-T) than the magnets(N52) in MagMount V1.
  2. MagMount V2 has a wider non-slip mat to provide more friction and tighter hold.

You can check below table for full information.

  MagMount V1MagMount V2
  Car VentSuction CupCD SlotCar VentSuction CupCD Slot
Size(mm) 78.3*57.5*6078.3*57.5*10078.3*57.5*8080.42*59.8*61.477.8*68*10077.8*68*82
Weight 59.3100113.566.13106.59120.57
Non-slip Mat Width(mm) 3.254
The other  Suction Cup Glance
  Suction Cup Pro Glance