Here the most common reasons why you may not be able to make an order:


1. "This transaction couldn't be completed.

Please redirect to your PayPal because the funds aren't available to make the purchase.


2."The card was declined."

You may have entered incorrect information, lack the funds in your account, or had your card locked.



The card has been declined for an unknown reason, and you need to contact your bank.



The ZIP/postal code is incorrect.

You should try again using the correct billing ZIP/postal code.


5."Your card does not support this type of purchase."

-. If you are using a debit card that requires a PIN code, you may need to change the card.

-. The country of issue may be different from the country where the merchant is located, and you may need to contact the issuing bank to solve this issue.

-. If you are using an HSA or FSA card, you may need to contact Stripe.